Everyone Has a Story. How Will You Resonate?

As a content marketer, I’m responsible for overseeing the creation of new brands, whether they appear on different web properties, advertising campaigns, or at large events. To build a great brand, you must have a great story.

Ideas are the most powerful tools people have. One of the most important ways you can connect with your target audience and get them to remember you is through stories — your company story, your employees’ stories, and stories of your innovative customers.

Storytelling is a fundamental part of being human. I’ve been a storyteller for as long as I can remember. Most of us are. From the way you talk to your mom about what you do at work each day to how you report performance metrics to your investors, you tell a story. You concentrate on which details to emphasize, and which ones to leave out. Your package has a beginning, middle and end.

As a storyteller for businesses, I am not just trying to elicit an emotional response with the stories I tell (although it’s important). I also use data to inform choices and create a path for your prospects to follow. I want to generate clicks, which become leads, which eventually, through the hard work of the sales team, become customers.

But in order for those prospects to become customers, there needs to be a story. I want to inspire people and help them understand there is a better way to accomplish their goals. In my years as a storyteller, I’ve learned you can’t inspire people with only charts and data, but you can with a story.

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