“Marie has a strong work ethic, is ridiculously smart, and thinks on a deeper level than most. Don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you. She’s a strong performer and will surprise you with her well-thought-out ideas and approaches to complicated marketing problems.” — Kate Speights, Entrepreneur

“Marie was a critical asset as we tried to pivot our brand and messaging. Together we worked on market planning, client communications, and sales enablement for the Cyber Security Practice which allowed us to quickly establish ourselves as an industry leader. Marie developed a clear marketing strategy that we could execute on to bolster sales efforts. Leveraging our client base and previous experience, Marie developed case studies and success stories that our sales team could leverage to acquire new clients.” – Justin Orcutt, Manager, NCC Group

“Marie is a strong communications professional with great experience in PR and social media. She is a strong thinker and loves bringing new ideas to the table. She is willing to dig into the work and make sure it is on strategy, on brand and working hard against client goals. Marie is a true professional.” – Stacy Ingram, Marketing and Brand Strategist, Magnetika