Content that Turns Expertise into Influence

I make content creation more enjoyable and less time-consuming, allowing content to come from you, the expert.

I help you publish your content to ensure that it gets in front of the right audience, whether that’s through online publications or on your company blog. I can also help you analyze and measure your results.

Thought Leadership

Positioning you as an industry expert is at the heart of what I do. I work to identify your personal branding goals, audience, and understand your area of expertise. I will then translate your goals, audience, and expertise into a messaging strategy around content themes. I can work with you on-going to build or refresh your digital platform to maintain brand consistency.

Content Marketing and Copywriting

I will work with you to create a cohesive content marketing strategy. I can build a strategy that not only tells you what you need to say but where you should be online and how to get your audience’s attention. Operating as an extension of your team, I can create and implement a quarterly calendar, as well as develop whitepapers, blog posts, web pages, ebooks, etc., that will showcase your company’s expertise and industry leadership.

Custom Content Projects

I will work with you to extract your expertise and create in-depth, premium pieces of content that accomplish your specific personal branding or business goals.

The Process

My four-step blueprint elevates the demand and size of opportunities for business leaders in any industry.

  1. Content Strategy: I’ll start with identifying your business goals, target audience, and finding the ideal positioning strategy for your niche. I’ll develop targeted personas for your business and a deep understanding of their problems and desires. I will also define and build the best digital platforms for your message.
  2. Influence Development: Communicating effectively isn’t exactly easy. I take the time and pressure out of developing your messaging and can coach you on delivery. You share your expertise and your unique ideas and experiences that will fuel your thought leadership and I will develop a series of messaging pillars that you can use for your content strategy.
  3. Content Development: I will develop effective, engaging thought leadership content consistently coming from you, the expert. I will outline and develop quarterly editorial calendars based on your expertise and positioning strategy and can develop the content for you.
  4. Distribution and Measurement: I will distribute the content across all of your platforms using a tailored social media campaign specific to your goals and audiences. I’ll then analyze performance and send reports so you know how your content performed.